Frigidaire Dehumidifier Replacement Parts

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Replacement Filters

Frigidaire 5304471801 Dehumidifier Air Filter
Frigidaire 5304487154 Dehumidifier Filter Unit
Frigidaire 5304467520 Dehumidifier Air Filter
Frigidaire 5304471723 Dehumidifier Air Filter

As for instructions about how to clean the filter, check our Troubleshooting section.

 Frigidaire Dehumidifier Drain Hose

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Hose

  • 5-Foot Rubber hose
  • Utility drain hose
  • 3/4-Inch female connection on one end
  • Easy installation
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Drain Kit
Frigidaire 5304447276 Dehumidifier Drain Cap
Frigidaire EA155DA Dehumidifier Tube Unit

Frigidaire EA155DA Dehumidifier Tube Unit

  • Frigidaire (FRIGB)
  • This is a genuine replacement part
  • Appliance-Replacement-Parts

Frigidaire Dehumidifier Replacement Bucket

Frigidaire 5304487153 Tank and Container Water Bucket
Frigidaire 5304467517 Dehumidifier Water Tank Assembly

Other Frigidaire Dehumidifier Parts

Frigidaire 5303306080 Dehumidifier Float Unit
Frigidaire 5303296823 Dehumidifier Humidistat Unit
Frigidaire 5304471800 Dehumidifier Caster Wheel
Frigidaire 327650411 Dehumidifier Fan Motor
Frigidaire 5304447243 Dehumidifier Control Board
Frigidaire 5304447244 Dehumidifier Main Control Board
Frigidaire 5303323233 Dehumidifier Defrost Thermostat
Frigidaire 327160101 Dehumidifier Cap Unit


AcuRite Indoor Humidity Monitor

  • Measures indoor temperature (Fahrenheit or Celsius) and humidity
  • Humidity level icon indicates high, low, or ideal indoor conditions
  • Daily high and low temperature and humidity records
  • Totally wireless tabletop and magnet-mountable design
  • Powered by one (1) AA battery (not included)